Consultations from the Emergency Department

Authors: Jared Baylis, MD, FRCPC, Chad Singh, MD, Teresa M. Chan, MD, FRCPC, MHPE, DRCPSC
Updated: 1/22/2020

Consultations from the Emergency Department

The referral-consultation process is of utmost importance in the emergency department (ED). Here are three easy, evidence-based mnemonics to hep you navigate these situations: 5Cs, PIQUED, and CONSULT [1-3].

5Cs model [1, 4, 5]:

5Cs Model





These models are similar in content but have important differences.

  • 5Cs model has the largest evidence basis behind improving quality of consultation requests and communication [1,4,5]. Most studies involve medical students.
    • PIQUED was derived using residents from various specialties [2]. Includes educational modifications and debriefing to allow learning from each interaction.
    • CONSULT is the newest model. Also studied with residents and found to be beneficial after just one hour educational session [3].

For more information on this topic: Conquering Consultations: A Guide to Advances in the Science of Referral-Consultation Interactions for Residency Education


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