End-of-Shift Feedback

Author: David Thompson, MD
Updated: 12/9/2011

End-of-Shift Feedback in the Emergency Department

For the learner to answer

  • What went well on today’s shift?
  • What’s something you can work on for your next shift?
  • What was something you learned today?

For the educator to answer

  • I noticed you did a great job with...
  • Something I noticed that I think you could work on...
  • A teaching point to remember from this shift is...

Feedback Ideas


  • History and physical exam: Was it complete? EM-focused?
  • Logically presented?
  • Differential diagnoses
  • Management plan


  • Knowledge of risks/benefits and skill competency
  • Ability to read xrays and EKGs
  • Bedside ultrasound skills

Work style

  • Efficiency and multitasking skills
  • Attitude and motivation
  • Patient advocacy
  • Knowledge and/or pursuit of evidence-based medicine


  • Documentation
  • Dealing with nurses, residents, consultants, admission teams

ACGME Core Competencies

  • Patient care
  • Medical knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Interpersonal/communication skills
  • Practice-based learning/improve
  • Systems-based practice