Elbow Injuries - Epicondyle Fracture (Medial)

Authors: Melody Glenn, MD, Andrew Little, DO, Mary Haas, MD
Updated: 12/12/2016

Elbow Injuries: Epicondyle Fracture (Medial)

Medial epicondyle fracture drawing

Xray Views

Elbow XR: AP, lateral, external oblique

Acute Management

  • Long-arm posterior splint with elbow at 90° flexion
  • Consider a long arm cast instead

Operative Indications

  • >5 mm displacement
  • Ulnar nerve dysfunction
  • Entrapment of avulsed fracture fragment in joint
  • Displacement in high level athletes

Follow-up Timing

  • Non-operative: Follow up in 5-7 days
  • Operative: Follow up in 2-3 days


Complications: Ulnar nerve entrapment & injury

  • Usually in children 9-14 years old
  • May be mistaken for medial epicondyle ossification center
  • Associated with elbow dislocations
  • Most can be managed non-operatively