Elbow Injuries - Epicondylitis, Lateral or Medial

Authors: Melody Glenn, MD, Andrew Little, DO, Mary Haas, MD
Updated: 12/12/2016

Elbow Injuries: Epicondylitis, Lateral or Medial

Epicondylitis drawing

Xray Views

No XRs: A clinical diagnosis. Lateral: Focal epicondyle tenderness, decreased grip strength, pain with resisted wrist extension. Medial: Focal epicondyle tenderness, pain with resisted wrist flexion and forearm pronation.

Acute Management

  • Elbow rest.
  • Ice.
  • Daily NSAIDs.
  • Counter-force strap brace.
  • Wrist stretching and strengthening exercises.

Follow-up Timing

Routine follow up with primary care physician.



  • Overuse of forearm extensor and supinator muscles
  • Associated with radial tunnel syndrome


  • Overuse of forearm flexor and pronator muscles
  • Associated with ulnar neuropathy and ulnar collateral ligament insufficiency