Hip Injuries - Hip Dislocation

Authors: Layla Abubshait, MD, Michael Gottlieb, MD, RDMS, Mary Haas, MD
Updated: 11/14/2016

Hip Injuries: Hip Dislocation

Posterior vs anterior hip dislocation drawing

Xray Views

  • AP pelvis
  • CT to look for acetabular fracture, loose bodies, or femoral head fracture

Acute Management

Reduction immediately within 6 hours (because of avascular necrosis risk)

Follow-up Timing

Admit and consult orthopedic surgeon.


Posterior dislocation (90%): Typically presents with hip flexed and adducted; 5-15% of posterior hip dislocations are associated with a femoral head fracture

Anterior dislocation: Typically presents with hip abducted and externally rotated


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