Paucis Verbis Cards

The Paucis Verbis (PV) cards were initially developed as a bedside teaching tool used by Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM) Founder and Editor-in-chief Michelle Lin. They were short, succinct, rapid-fire summaries of key learning points on various Emergency Medicine (EM) topics that would fit on a 5 x 7 index card. Michelle carried these cards in her pocket and handed them out to trainees as needed. Eventually others at her institution began using the cards and as digital and mobile technology became more ubiquitous, Michelle transitioned the cards to several mobile platforms so that she could share them with the greater EM community.

Now ALiEM Cards

As the ALiEM blog has grown, so have the PV Cards. What began as a handful of personal notes, are now a key FOAMed point-of-care resource.

This website is the next iteration of that project.

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The ALiEM Cards Team

Michelle Lin, MD

Creator & Editor-in-Chief
Endowed Chair for EM Education
UC San Francisco / Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Jeremy Voros, MD

Attending Physician
Emergency Physicians Integrated Care, Utah

Derek Sifford, FP-C

Wayne State University

Catherine Patocka, MD, MHPE

Research Lead
Assistant Professor
University of Calgary

Teresa Chan, MD, MHPE

Research Mentor
Emergency Physician and Base Hospital Physician
Hamilton Health Sciences

Andy Little, DO

Content Editor
Attending Physician, Core Faculty
Doctors Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency

Layla Abubshait, MD

Faculty Development and Medical Education Fellow
Department of Emergency Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

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